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be on time!

35one thing that i have learned is that if you want to perform or have a show, you need to make arrangements on time!

My first year of belly dancing, we almost did not end upwith a show because our teahcer had not set a date yet.. At the end of the year almost every weekend was filled and it was very difficult to get a performance slot. The years after that she would always make sure that she would have a weekend to perform.

When I put on a belly dancing show, I made sure to go to the principal first thing in the year and tell him what date what time what everything. Noone will care if your show has a spot if every date is already used up. Now we actually have the same problem again. Since it hadn’t been a problem the years before, our belly dance teacher assumed that it wouldn’t be a problem to get a timeslot for our show this year naturally. Somehow it has come to be a problem though and we do not know if we will be able to perform our choreography. Finals are here and it is not allowed to pay students during this week. 😦

Sooooooo no sound and light guys! Maybe wewill be bale to manage it ourselves 😉 Let’s wait and see, we have one more week to go!

healthy belly dancing

Bjupiteroriginalmedreselly dancing brings with it not just fun and joy but also great health benefits!  Through hip drop rolls and pelvic thrusts, etc you sue muscles in your abdomen, pelvis, trunk, spine and neck. In belly dancing you work with the natural body movements instead of moving against it, like other dance forms do, like ballet, mdoern or jazz dance. You work with the natural flow and curvaceous movements of the body. Dance like ballet can ultimately alter the skeleton or deform it. There are certain health improvements that you can get from belly dancing, such as:

improved posture and muscle toning: The spinal column contains more ligaments and bones than any other  of our body. Through belly dancing, we strengthen the muscles that are attached to the ligaments through pelvic movements. Every movement of the torso is dependent on the spinal column’s flexibility. Belly dancing therefore tones these muscles and maintains flexibility in this area.

When we do circular movements of the hips, it loosens up a lot of the tension in our spine. The ligaments and joints are loosened up through the repetitive gentle movements and a certain fluid called synovial fluid is being released. This somewhat “greases” our spine and helps with joint problems. When done properly, the movements can help lower back stress since it counteracts the constant compression of the spine when we sit down.

These toned back muscles improve posture and help prevent back pain. Muscle groups in the lower back which are often under exercised are very often used in belly dancing. Muscles surrounding the hip are also thoroughly exercised which enhances flexibility and often improved balance as well.

Belly dancing also tones the lower body alot without putting too much strain on the knees or ankles because they are always bent and in a natural position. Quadriceps hamstrings and gluten are used in the dance and strengthened magnificently.

Even arms and shoulders are very well toned. When doing snake arms, lifts and circles you hold the arms high or in an extended position.  Holding the arms in a graceful aloft position is very important to the dance, which is why arms are trained quite thoroughly.

Belly dancing is also a weight bearing exercise. Dancers are on their feet most of the time, this can help prevent disease like osteoporosis. It is also a low-impact exercise, which means that there is a low risk of injury when the dance moves are done correctly. It can also help you loose weight at a low impact level. Apparently it can burn up to 300 calories per hour, depending on the intensity of the dance.

Belly dancing can prepare your body for pregnancy and childbirth. It strengthens the muscles used during childbirth. Abdominal muscles are strengthened and the hip tucking is very similar to movements taught in prenatal classes. This prepares the woman for pelvic movements during childbirth. Also after giving birth it is great to get back into exercise with gentle movements. Belly dancing is a gentle way of toning the stomach again after giving birth. A lot of belly dancers also dance throughout pregnancy because the movements are so natural and gentle.

Moving your stomach in different ways through andulations and side movements also helps the digestion of food. Any exercise would help, but especially belly dancing is very helpful since it concentrates on the stomach.

Stress release is another way that belly dance helps with our health. The rhythmic and repetitive movements can calm you down. When we get stressed, our bodies tense up and our muscles contact and spasm. Lactic acid builds up in those areas and causes pain. Blood flow to those muscles is also decreased. Through belly dancing these muscles are opened up and relaxed. Blood flow increases to those muscle groups and the built up lactic acid vanishes.

another photo of Zoe


Zoe Jakes

” She loves unicorns and never doubted their existence”. This is how her biography ends on . She is an outrageous, cute, funny belly dancer and knows how to captivate the audience. She was a member of the Suhaila dance company in 2001 and joined Bellydance Superstars and the Indigo 4 years later. It was in 2000 that she saw a belly dance performance that made ehr love this dance. Zoe’s dancing style is also influenced by other dances like Indian Kathak. She also brings break dance, tango and Art Nouveau to tribal style dancing. Oh yea, she is also stunning. 🙂

Kami Liddle

Kami Liddle is a part of the outrageously famous Belly dance Superstars. She started out her dance career like many others by kami2studying different types of dances. When she turned 18, she found belly dance and made it her passion. Cabaret style was her preferred style until she found FatChance Belly dance, a belly dancing troupe that works with mostly improv. Kami would imitate their dance videos and learn to dance by doing so. She calls her dance a “modern fusion” and “ancient syle”. It is very ahrd to put her dance style into one category because she mixes jazz, hiphop and modern dance into her dances. She was nominated as the ” best interpretive artist” for 2005 and 2007 by Zaghareet magazine and she joined Belly dance superstars in 2005.

the name belly dance

Belly dance Arabic: رقص شرقي‎ is a Western term for a traditional Egyptian dance form. Some dancers call it simply “Middle Eastern Dance.” In the Egyptian Arabic language it is known as raqs sharqi رقص شرقي which means “oriental dance”. It is also known as raqs baladi رقص بلدي which means “dance of country”, “national” or “folk” dance. The term “raqs sharqi” may have originated in Egypt. Belly dance is called tsiftetelli τσιφτετέλι, çiftetelli in Turkish. The term “belly dance” is a creation of Orientalism, first used in English in 1899, and translating in French to “danse du ventre.”

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men in belly dancing

Is belly dancing restricted to men? If someone says lets see belly dannormalimg_5146yscers, you would usually think of a female dancer. However, there are many accomplished and wonderful male belly dancers. As a matter of fact, in the Middle East there are just as many male dancers as female. Media has only been concentarting on the female dancers, which makes it seem as if belly dance was originated through and for women. Turkish miniatures, however, show quite the contrary. Belly dance was performed by men for many years. The Sultan even employed male dance groups for his entertainment. The men who performed this dance were called kocek. At this time the male dancers would wear big colorful skirts for show, whereas the female dancers would wear everyday clothes, harem pants. Male dance groups were also very competitive with each other. They were even banned in 1830s because of the outrage that they caused. Eventually the ban was lifted, but Westernization and media input never brought the male belly dancers to the same light that they had experienced before.

Men are, however, very important behind the scenes as you will often find the choreographers and managers to be men. Belly dancing for men has been growing more rapidly recently. There is a much higher demand for male dancers, but they still face dilemnas as in what costumes to wear, how the choreography should be different from female dancers and what attitude the dance should have. Some important male belly dancers are Bert Balladine, Ibrahim Farrah and Mahmoud Reda

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